Cost of Removing Popcorn Ceiling

Cost of Removing Popcorn Ceiling

The value of eliminating a popcorn ceiling can differ relying on a number of factors, which includes the dimension of the area, the circumstance of the ceiling, your location, and the contractor you hire. Generally, the price is calculated per rectangular foot. On average, you can assume to pay round $1 to $3 per rectangular foot for popcorn ceiling removal. However, expenses can vary from as low as $0.50 per rectangular foot for primary elimination to as excessive as $5 per rectangular foot for greater complicated jobs or if extra offerings like asbestos trying out or ceiling repairs are needed.

Keep in idea that these fees usually cowl the elimination of the popcorn texture and might also no longer encompass the value of portray or refinishing the ceiling after the elimination process. It's endorsed to acquire a couple of rates from legitimate contractors in your location to get a extra correct estimate primarily based on your precise requirements. Additionally, elements such as the complexity of the job, accessibility, and neighborhood market prerequisites can have an effect on the closing cost.

What Is a Popcorn Ceiling?

Also referred to as “acoustical ceilings” due to the fact the thick texture of the product absorbs sound waves, popcorn ceilings resemble giant curds of cottage cheese. Builders utilized the floor with a hopper and a spray gun, making it a speedy restore for camouflaging ceiling panels.

When new and fresh, popcorn ceilings have been attractive, and they gave the complete room a contemporary look. Best of all, the texture hid bad workmanship, such as an incapability to dangle drywall panels evenly or end them with a easily taped surface. Before the creation of popcorn texture, builders wished anyone on their crew who knew how to tape out ceiling panels skillfully to preserve the seams between the panels from showing.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost Factors

The fee of getting rid of popcorn ceilings can be influenced by using various factors. Here are some key elements that can have an effect on the average cost:

  • Ceiling size: The large the area, the greater time and effort it will take to put off the popcorn texture, ensuing in greater costs. Contractors regularly cost per rectangular foot.
  • Ceiling top and accessibility: High ceilings or ceilings in hard-to-reach areas may additionally require extra equipment, such as scaffolding or ladders, which can extend the cost.
  • Asbestos checking out and removal: If your popcorn ceiling includes asbestos, it is fundamental to have it examined with the aid of a professional. If asbestos is present, it should be eliminated with the aid of a licensed asbestos abatement contractor, which can notably expand the cost.
  • Ceiling condition: The situation of the ceiling can have an impact on the cost. If the ceiling has been earlier painted or repaired, it may additionally require extra guidance work or scraping, main to greater costs.
  • Additional services: If there are different troubles with the ceiling, such as cracks, water damage, or uneven surfaces, extra repairs may also be necessary, including to the universal cost.
  • Geographic location: Labor and fabric fees can differ relying on your location. Prices have a tendency to be greater in city areas with a greater fee of living.
  • Contractor rates: Different contractors have various rates, so it is beneficial to achieve more than one charges from respectable authorities to evaluate costs.

Popcorn Removal Scrape Test

To see how handy or hard it would possibly be to scrape the popcorn off your ceilings and resurface them, you can do a scrape take a look at with a 4” utility knife or a drywall knife, however spray a small nook of the ceiling with some heat water and go away it to soak in. If it doesn’t, you would possibly have gloss or semigloss paint over the popcorn, which will make the job very difficult. You can determine between these options:

  • Call in the pros.
  • Cover it up with more moderen drywall or different ceiling material.
  • Scrape it all off whilst dry.

Some contractors endorsed dry scraping due to the fact of the mess of moist popcorn, and due to the fact any water introduced to the ceiling may want to reason it to amplify and crack down the road.

What Affects Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

Popcorn ceiling elimination offers your room a cleaner, brighter, and greater present day look. Stucco ceilings are challenging to easy so filth and discolouration makes your ceiling and room seem ancient and dingy. The puckering compound is additionally susceptible to cracking or breaking off over time. If you have to change an area, it is not going that you will fit the present popcorn plan so the blotchy, seem similarly takes away from the aesthetic seem of your room. However, the prices of eliminating a popcorn ceiling can be greater than some house owners choose to spend. Labour is a main section of the price. If your ceiling desires to be repaired, that ought to additionally add to the popcorn ceiling elimination costs.